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Premium Membership Giveaway (over)

1 Month Core

:+fav: this journal

Although appreciated, it is NOT required to watch me, give a llama, advertise, etc.
Reasons for rules can be read here

...and with that, I wish you all Happy Holidays - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :heart:
:iconchriswillar:CHRISwillar 81 90
3 Month Core Raffle! CLOSED
3 Month PM and HARPG Raffle WINNERS
I am about to purchase a 3 month core membership and since it is a buy one - get one I thought I would share the love around! If I have more than 50 entrants I will pick two winners and they each will get a 3 month core membership! More than 100 entrants and 3 people will win! 200 entries and four people will win, that is a year of PMs that are being given away! I am also giving away extra HARPG prizes so look below to get in on that!
Step One: Watch me - I don't care if you only watch me for this contest
Step Two: Favorite this journal
Step Three: Share via new journal or poll (more people who know the more people who get to win!)
Step Four: Comment with a link to the journal or poll

1 panca
:iconhideawayartist:HideawayArtist 24 78
Core Membership Giveaway ~! CLOSED
As of midnight eastern standard time, no more contestants will be eligible for the giveaway
I do this every year for the Give One, Get One event dA has every year. And like every year I giveaway a few memberships.
So this year I will be giving away a 3-month membership to 2 lucky people.
If 100 join the giveaway I will give out an additional 3-month membership
I know it doesn't sound like much, but core memberships are so much more expensive than they use to be ;_;  
So all you have to do to enter the giveaway is just leave a comment on this journal and give it a lil' fave. 
I will keep updating the list with each new contestant as people comment, and on Dec 30th I'll pick the winners through a RNG ~
Contestants ~
1. katychira
2. ShanteiDraws
3. Derpygirl100
4. RachBurns 
5 The-Legionary1
6. FoxCubLover
7. Whitehazelrose
8. Candelee
9. DoggoDreamer
:iconplaguey:Plaguey 85 260
One Month Core Giveaway!(Closed)
1st: :iconiheartpokemon672:
2nd: :iconyorufox:
3rd: :iconshiro1850:
4th: :iconiduna-haya:
Congratulations to the winners! \*7*/ 
More giveaways to come ;)
winners were choosen with a random number generator
Hello! 070/
That time of the year again to give to my lovely watchers! ^7^/
Even though this year I was a bit absent you guys were so patient and supportive toward me. QwQ
Thank you for all the support!! :iconlovelyhugplz:
1st place: 1 Month Core 
2nd Place: 100 pts
3rd place: 40 points
4th place: 20 points
-Watchers Only 
-Fave this journal
*(Optional: Extra entries):
-Tag a friend (Max: 8) 
(Another extra entry +1:
If you leave a kind message toward them since it's the holidays ewe) 
-Create a journal/poll about this journal 
Thank you fo
:iconsuixere:Suixere 148 184
300+ watcher art raffle!!
I finally hit 300+ watchers!!! Thank you guys so much, I never thought i'd ever get past 50, I appreciate you guys so much!!! 
Since i wouldn't be here without any of you, I decided to have two winners, Because i love you guys!!! 
1. You don't have to be watching me!! This is for everyone because i love everyone haha
2. Comment and fave this journal to get a number, You must do both!!!
3. This is optional but if you wanna make a poll or journal to advertise this i'd be appreciative and you'd get 1 extra number!!
4. Winners requests must have some sort of reference. It doesn't have to be super well drawn but i can't work with written descriptions sadly ;_:
Thats it!!! Just do all the stuff above and you could win!! I'll give you a number between 1 and 200, and i'll draw two using this website; boop !!! The number i draw first will get their choice between the two prizes, The second number drawn wi
:iconmatsubansu:matsubansu 19 43
Stevonnie and Lion by CrystalGrazianoArt Stevonnie and Lion :iconcrystalgrazianoart:CrystalGrazianoArt 4,394 151
Point + art raffle! [COLSED-WNNERS ANNOUNCED]
I'm not core anymore, so this journal lost its pretty skin :/
Watch the drawing of the tickets here:
1st Trophy 1st place - NUMBER 44
-35 Points
3x Anatomically correct female pose (base/lineart) drawn exclusively for you
-1x free commission of winner's choice from :iconRoxyninja100:
-3x fullbody dog, cat, or fox (Finished with background) from :iconMoonAnimates125:
2nd Trophy 2nd place - NUMBER 62 :iconmeowstock:
-17 Points
2x Anatomically correct female pose (base/lineart)  drawn exclusively for you
-1x free commissi
:iconangela-sparkle:angela-sparkle 10 34
Saving up for art supplies~
The rules are provided in the --->TERMS OF SERVICE
But for those lazy people like me, just skim though what you want and then ask me for anything you're unsure about TvT
100 Points =$1.00(USD)
Unlimited characters per slot.
The price of each commissions differ depending on the:
- Complexity
- Extra items/pets/characters
(2 characters double the price, 3 characters triple, etc)
Simple: $10.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD/1000Points 

Detailed: $15.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD/1500Points 

:iconsuhime:Suhime 40 91
Q V Q ) <333

3k it is so huge number omg :iconpapcryplz:
1. You must be a watcher! I will be checking! 
New watchers are welcome but please don't watch me just for the raffle q w q ) /
2. Fave this journal.
3Comment below and I'll give you a number(s).
4. For extra number (additional chance of winning) you can :
make a journal or poll advertising this giveaway (+1 number)
- tag 3 or more people (+1 number)
:iconlilanero:lilanero 233 578
Win yourself and your friend a...(RESULT)|K7K Day
UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! I will announce the winners tomorrow. : )
- - -
Alright, first of all I'd like to say... Advanced Merry Christmas to all who participated! This was actually a small surprise. Everyone who participated is sure to get a little something!
Here is how it will go:
:bulletblue:200:points: to each person in pair. (2 winning pairs)
:bulletblue:20:points: to each person who favorited it on the same date this journal was uploaded, December 8th! (14 people | The order in favorites was messed up, so I don't know anymore who were the first 10 people who favorited it.)
:bulletblue:10:points: to the rest who favorited it. (28 people | 2 winning pairs excluded)
:bulletblue:10:points: to each person who commented and to each person tagged. (The double tag from taggers and tagged only count as one to be fair to all^^)
NOTE: YES, that's right! There are separate points
:iconkohaya7koizu:Kohaya7Koizu 42 96
!!! 3000 point giveaway !!! [CLOSED]
ayyyyy felt like doing a big holiday / end of the year giveaway so here we go ~!

1st place - 1500 points | 2nd place -  1000 points | 3rd place -  500 points
   Must be watching me (new watchers welcome!)    
   Post a journal/poll linking back to this giveaway    
    Favorite this journal   
Snowman by Gasara    Only accounts that have been active 3+ months may enter    Snowman by Gasara
Snowman by Gasara    Comment telling me your favorite color! (As proof you read the rules... and I'm curious c: )    
:iconstefdonyx:Stefdonyx 365 971
Rebirth by mynameistran Rebirth :iconmynameistran:mynameistran 1,092 32 Death Blossom Zyra by raspbearyart Death Blossom Zyra :iconraspbearyart:raspbearyart 1,766 58
3000+ Watcher Raffle! | (Closed)

QAQ) i cant believe i reached 3k watchers :iconericiacryplz:
it's like a dreammmmmm!! i never expected i can get so many followers.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4] 
Your comments, llamas, favs and everything else means a lot to me!! :iconnanakosobplz:
and for celebrate it i decided to hold a raffle! kaomoji set 1 3/19 
there will be 6 winners!
1st and 3rd place
wil get a Normal Chibi like this

check out my gallery for more example 
4th-6th place
will get a mini chibi like this
:icondindanda:DindaNda 553 1,137
Thank you and Christmas Raffle (Winner Announced!)
Okay~ So, here's the winner for the raffle~ Congratulations :iconrollingpoly:~! Please send me a note to claim your prize. 
& I just wanted to thank everyone who join my raffle.Chitanda Bowing Icon  I will organize more raffles in the near future, be sure to keep a look out for it.  Chitanda Talking Icon 

Hi everyone~ I just wanted to host this raffle as a thank you to those who stick with me and are supporting me all this time. And because I haven't organize a raffle for so long, I think this is about the right time for me to show my appreciation to all my watchers.   

Watches only
:iconharuka28:Haruka28 10 26
Freebie - Blushies [NEW SHADE] by pvre Freebie - Blushies [NEW SHADE] :iconpvre:pvre 274 11

Newest Deviations

AnAngelsWings by Angela-Hearts AnAngelsWings :iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 1 1 Making me contest by Angela-Hearts Making me contest :iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 2 1 Mystery Contest #2 by Angela-Hearts Mystery Contest #2 :iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 3 0
Madman- Contest Entry
The sirens were blaring in his ears as he stepped through the shattered window of the jewelry store. His knapsack was already crammed with different valuables from around the town. He’d have to get a new one when he returned back to his home town. 
He holstered his gun, using only his knife to break the seemingly strong glass of the jewelry case. The loot was packed in wherever he could find the space for it- he hated leaving anything behind. 
The sound of the caterwauling police cars made him huff. They had been chasing him for well over 48 hours, and he’d probably killed (or, at the very least, injured) around 100 or them (he’d lost count at around 63). They had yet to even put a scratch on him. 
He heard the people rushing in before he actually saw them- they didn't seem to be very good at stealth, or their jobs for that matter. With a groan, he grabbed both of his handguns from their holsters pointing them at the broken glass window an
:iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 1 1
Just a little spooky short I wrote for halloween for a contest. Thought I'd post it here, too. Enjoy~
There are many horror stories out there today. Stories of monsters hiding in the shadows, in the closet, under your bed, or even in plain sight. Stories of freakish ghouly unhuman beings roaming around, just waiting for a sucker like you to make the wrong move so they can attack. Even stories of more human-esque beings, traveling in the night with some odd deformity to tell them apart from the other, more normal men around you. With smiles wide as the Nile is long, and nails as sharp as a tiger’s teeth, or backs and spines long since crooked and bent, so much so that they can’t even walk straight. 
But have you ever heard the tale of the Jinx?
If you’re thinking about that one character from Teen Titans, then no, that’s not it. A Jinx is exactly what it sounds like: a curse. Well, a hex in more technical terms. The tale has been passed down by mouth from ge
:iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 1 0
Dumb Bunny
An anonymous commission from a few weeks ago! <3! Also, sorry if my italics didn't copy over. I didn't check, but sometimes they don't make it and I just didn't feel like fixing it anyways. Ah, well, c'est la vie I suppose.//ded
   “Nick! Over here! I think I found a clue or something.”
   “Or something?” Nick was a bit skeptical, to say the least. They were in Little Rodentia inspecting the disappearance of some doughnuts from The Big Donut pastry shop. It was proving to be quite a difficult case, however, due to the fact that all of their clues were miniscule. Currently, Judy was carefully settled in a squatting position while still standing on the tips of her toes like a ballerina, looking at an imprint in the mud right outside of the back of the pastry shop. The imprint was big enough to give the two the impression that it wasn’t the work of any normal sized rodent- maybe a rat or something of that size. Nick had come over near h
:iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 2 0
Two-Faced Anti-Heros by Angela-Hearts Two-Faced Anti-Heros :iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 1 0
Fit for a King and Queen (Or Princess and Plumber)
Mario never believed himself to be the type to get nervous under pressure. He’d saved the Mushroom Kingdom more times than Peach had Toads. He was never one to back down from a fight. Which is why he was out of his mind with confusion as to why he was so nervous today.
Oh my, is my tie too tilted? Maybe I should redo it. Or should I have a different tie instead? Is this one too red? Oh dear, why did we choose white to be the color of the suit? What if it gets dirty? I can’t be dirty for the pictures! What will Peach think? Oh, she’ll never marry me if I ruin this suit! Oh, whatever will I do-
His thoughts were abruptly cut off by a soft rapping at his door. “Mario, oh Mario~ Can I come in?” 
Without waiting for a response, Luigi burst through the door, wearing a tux identical to Mario’s, but with a stereotypical green and white striped tie instead of Mario’s all red one wit
:iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 4 1
Writing + Editing Comissions! (PayPal+DA Points)
Hello all! 
In case you didn’t know, my name’s Angie. My pen name is Angela McAnderson or Angela Hearts (please do NOT ask for my real name.).
Recently, I’ve been a bit short on cash. AKA I’m broke. However, I’ve been told by many that my writing talents are above average and that I should become an author. Since the author thing is not happening any time soon, I need another way to use my one and only ability for cash. So, I’ll be doing WRITING COMMISSIONS!
I’ll do anything ranging from drabbles to full on stories and even song lyrics. However, I, like all humans, have limits to what I can/cannot or will/will not do. My prices are reasonable, based upon my research about other commission writers’ prices. Ship wise, I’ll do F/F, F/M, or M/M (message me if your pairing does not fit under any of these categories).
I’m also trying out ED
:iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 7 4
Mature content
What it Means to be the Victor :iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 0 0
Mature content
The Circus of the Century :iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 0 0
Forgive Me.
It was a dark, musty motel room in which her business was conducted. Room 308 on the third floor was never available, and, when questioned by a few meddlesome tenants, the owners always replied to go knock on the door and ask the tenant there for themselves. No one ever did, of course; who knows what could be beyond those doors?
All things considered, it was probably best for her. Fewer distractions from useless nuisances, as her mother used to say. But even so, that didn’t mean she had to like it. Her job was a lonely one, and some company could probably do her a bit good. But, alas, her job was a dangerous one and, if some nosy human came into play, things could get deadly very quickly.
Yes, she lived a sad, lonely life. All things considered, she was actually very lucky. Her long, dark brown hair and fair skin made her a very attractive lady. She always tied her annoyingly long locks of hair into a messy bun, and, though the purpose of the bun was to keep her hair out of her f
:iconangela-hearts:Angela-Hearts 1 1



Writing Commissions!
This is for points commissions only, but I take PayPal commissions too! (Message me on that) Also, this is just the minimum charge, and you'll still have to talk to me about your commission. (P.S. I have examples, they just won't come up for some reason... ;~;...)


Angela-Hearts has started a donation pool!
307 / 2,500
Just for miscellaneous stuff; mostly to help the group I help run, Literature-Accepted, but partially for my own personal use, and for commissions and such. Anything is appreciated!

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconkohaya7koizu:
    Donated Dec 22, 2016, 6:26:25 AM
  • :iconkohaya7koizu:
    Donated Dec 20, 2016, 10:21:12 AM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 24, 2016, 8:59:22 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 23, 2016, 8:21:03 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 22, 2016, 9:50:37 AM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 21, 2016, 2:48:33 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 15, 2016, 12:34:20 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 14, 2016, 2:58:24 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 14, 2016, 2:46:15 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Nov 12, 2016, 6:53:54 PM
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Angela-Hearts's Profile Picture
PN: Angela "Angie" McAnderson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hi! My pen name is Angela McAnderson or Angela Hearts. I also go by Angie A. I'm a budding writer, artist, song creator, and graphic designer (mainly writer). I'm also a very fun-loving, energetic but oddly chill young girl who's just trying to make her way through life and hopefully find a place for myself in this world. On this account, you can expect to see some of my writings, drabbles, and commissions. Be warned, most of my stories have a darker undertone to them.
I will also be taking WRITING COMMISSIONS pretty in the near future. More on that soon. Thank you lovelies!
HUGE THANKS TO @sandstormawesomeness on DeviantArt for making my profile pic! Luv ya Cas!


For the second round of :iconwriters--club: 's tournament!! Reallly late on this one... Also a lot shorter than I had originally intended it to be, but... C'est la vie, I suppose.

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